Which water filter suits me?

Configure your very own reverse osmosis system in just a few steps. And this is how it works:

Discover our three product variants with their many advantages here. Once you have decided on a system type, you can expand your water filter system according to your wishes, with additional filters or pumps on the respective product pages.

Whenever you have questions about the Water filter systems from AQUASAFE If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.


The water filter system with tank for your home.
Inexpensive, durable, modern!

Already from 239,90 Euro

Water in its purest form

The AS5000 water filtration system with an extra 8 litre water storage tank is the ideal solution for households with several people. This system is operated without electricity and provides you with the best water quality at the best price.

Do away with buying water boxes - Save time and money now and enjoy water in its purest form directly from the tap.

The AS5000 water filter has a separate tank that can provide you with up to 2 litres of filtered water per minute. This system works without a power connection. This means that you do not incur any electricity costs, but the system has no Direct-flow system a higher waste water ratio.

Because of the tank, the system requires more Space in the base cabinetbut this is not necessarily a disadvantage. With an AS5000 you get a Water filter systemwhich are unbeatable, inexpensive and at the same time very high quality is. We at AQUASAFE recommend an additional ECO pump (formerly permeate pump) for the AS5000 so that you can optimise the waste water ratio.


A direct flow plant
With power connection and without tank.
Space-saving, powerful, effective

Already from 409,90 Euro

Powerful performance for best water quality

The smart and extremely Space-saving direct-flow unit AS5000FF Thanks to the electrically powered pump, the High filtration performance (Free Flow model). This gives you up to 1.2 litres per minute of the purest filtered water.

Whether for the Preparation of coffee or baby food - The AS5000FF is the sustainable solution for all who like it fast, efficient and space-saving.

The AS5000FF direct flow system, is particularly space-saving because they do not require an additional tank and can therefore be discreetly installed in any base cabinet. However, it requires a Power connectionto offer you directly and within the shortest possible time Filter fresh water to be able to

An integrated protective earth conductor ensures safety in handling electricity here. Thanks to powerful pumps and Finest membranes can make here a Very good waste water ratio of approx. 1:2 is produced and Water costs saved become.

The AS5000FF, the direct-flow unit with the absolutely unbeatable price

The modern unit in fresh orange is an eye-catcher in any base cabinet. Powerful and quietly this Plant for purest water in the shortest possible time. It is compatible with our Additional filters expandable. The Vitality filter, the 4in1 Active filter and the Power filter. Let yourself be inspired.

Advantages of a direct-flow system:

  • You do not need a water storage tank and thus save space in the base cabinet.
  • As the unit is powered by electricity, you get a larger amount of filtered water faster and more effectively.
  • An integrated protective conductor ensures the necessary safety when dealing with water and electricity. This ensures that the fuse pops out as soon as water comes into contact with electricity.
  • The ideal waste water ratio of 1:2 is produced thanks to a powerful pump. As a result, less filtered water goes down the drain unused.

Small, modern, quiet - AS5000FF

  • Three fine pre-filters and two high-performance membranes provide you with water in its purest and most natural form.
  • The user-friendly AS5000FF is equipped with an AQUASTOP as standard.
  • You receive an attractive instruction manual in colour and with many pictures for easier installation.


MADE IN GERMANY - A class of its own.
More quality, more regionality, strong performance.

from 1249,90 Euro

Made in Germany direct-flow system

This exclusive direct flow system represents our focus on even more sustainability and regionality. Tested and awarded by the German Institute for Quality & Certifications we present to you here our unique AS-X.

Configure these for yourself Plant according to your wishes and benefit from our service offers around the product. A pure pleasure in design, quality and performance.

The AS-X is our direct flow system - Made in Germany

Behind the robust and lightweight aluminium housing in a slim design, there are High quality water filters and materials used for Best water quality stand. This system can also be optionally extended with additional filters.

Robust, elegant, powerful - AS-X

  • Two easily replaceable filters and two high performance diaphragms refine your drinking water.
  • The modern AS-X is equipped with a high-quality AQUASTOP as standard and prevents water damage.
  • The AS-X can be made in three different positions, completely adapted to your needs.

Water filter systems with the reverse osmosis principle and their advantages

If you are looking for a Water filter system that promises to be both effective and environmentally friendly, the Reverse osmosis the solution be for you.

This filtration process uses an operating pressure of approx. 3 bar to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, which removes any Impurities and minerals filters out.

As a result, reverse osmosis systems tend to be more efficient and contain fewer chemicals than others Filter types how the Activated carbon filtrationwhich makes them ideal for people who are concerned about their environmental impact.

Reverse osmosis water filters are one of the most popular water filtration systems on the market.

The Reverse osmosis process Removes dissolved minerals, chemicals and other impurities from the water with up to 98.2 % and leaves behind Clean and safe tap water.

This system is particularly advantageous for people who Hard water have or wish to avoid using tap water treated with chlorine.

Water filter systems with the reverse osmosis function are very easy to install and can easily be installed under the sink.

They are not only a cost-efficient way of Quality of your water but also bring many other advantages, as you can read in our article about the 8 reasons for a water filter can read about it.

Pollutants in water and the reverse osmosis principle

Particularly advantageous is a
Water filter system with reverse osmosis principleas it removes pollutants from the water to a large extent. The process is based on a semi-permeable membrane that allows water molecules to pass through, but not larger pollutants.

This means that even pollutants such as heavy metals, salts and pesticides can be filtered out of the water. In addition, bacteria and viruses are eliminated by the high degree of filtration. When it comes to water consumption, a water tank designed according to the Reverse osmosis process filter is very economical.

It requires only a low actuating pressure and low energy consumption. For this reason, the Filter not be replaced often, making it a cost-effective solution in the long term.

Discover our service world for water filter systems with extensive video tutorials, FAQs and much more.

How a water filtration system - can optimise your water!

We believe - water should be free from environmental pollution and contaminants, and for this reason we have developed our Highly efficient water filtration systems designed to build on quality and efficient filtration.

With our water filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems, you can easily optimise your drinking water by passing your tap water through a Multi-stage reverse osmosis filter system and then the taste is optimised. More about the filtering process is available Here.

Thanks to ultra-fine membranes, pollutants, metals, bacteria, viruses and micro-plastics are drawn out of the tap - so you can access clean, germ-free and fresh water every day without polluting the environment even more with CO₂ emissions and plastic waste.

Simple solution - AQUASAFE optimal water quality

The patented water filter systems & reverse osmosis systems can be integrated into any household and provide a reassuring and good feeling when it comes to the cleanliness of your water. Our water filter systems guarantee you a optimum water quality for your well-being! Let our expert staff advise you now and benefit from optimised water today thanks to our Premium water filter systems.

Which water filter is right for you, we'll tell you!

We can recommend a system based on your individual needs and you, of course, retain absolute freedom of choice. We do not sell you products at overpriced prices, because we only want to advise you on your purchase decision - so that you can find your desired product.

First of all, we provide you with some important information and facts about our water filter systems, so that you can deal with the topic comprehensively and understand the differences.

Difference between water filter system with storage tank and direct flow systems?

There are AQUASAFE two different product variations between which you can choose. All our water filter units are equipped as standard with a AQUASTOP (water stop) which is intended to prevent water damage.

High-quality instructions for use with pictures can also be found in each of our products in order to provide you with an Installation as simple as possible. In addition, every plant can be equipped with Additional filters for water revitalisation be equipped and expanded to allow you to treat the water with flavour.  

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