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You recommend - We reward

It always pays to tell a friend - and because we value our customers especially we offer them the AQUASAFE recommendation program.

You recommend AQUASAFE water filter systems to friends and acquaintances and we reward you with our AQUASAFE premium. Over and over again.

But your counterpart should also benefit through you. Therefore receives

every customer a price advantage of 25 Euro on the purchase price of a
water filter system from AQUASAFE

Recruit customers - man sprints into megaphone - referral program from AQUASAFE

Only 3 steps
to your premium

Step 1 | Log in to your customer account
or register as a new customer.

Step 2 | Share your link with family members, friends, neighbors
or colleagues and anyone you want to recommend best water quality.

Step 3 | If an investment is purchased through your link, the 50 Euro bonus will be credited to your customer account at

50€ for you
25€ for friends

Customers will receive a 25€ discount on the purchase of an AQUASAFE
water filter system if they complete the purchase via the link
Only in this way can the 50€ bonus be credited to your customer account.
be credited to your customer account.
Clever woman sticks her finger in the air - She has benefited from the AQUASAFE referral program


Secure premium in 3 steps!

Register online in the
customer account

Dealer registration

Copy and share referral link

Dealer registration

50 Euro bonus for you
25 Euro discount for friends

Dealer registration

Recommend the AQUASAFE quality.
Your water filter manufacturer - Made in Germany

20 years of experience in water filtration
eBay 100% 5 stars rating AQUASAFE
"I am a mother of 2 children and have already recommended 4 plants from AQUASAFE.
I had not expected this at all in the beginning
Mrs. W. from Hamburg

Questions and answers about the
referral program

The 50 Euro bonus will be credited to your customer account as a voucher. In the event of a return of the water filter system by the referred customer, the credit received, if applicable, will be invoiced, as it is then no longer a successfully completed referral.

Log in to your AQUASAFE customer account. There you will find the button: Refer a customer. Here you can copy your own referral link and share it with your friends and acquaintances. If you are not yet a customer, you must first register.

You can recruit anyone to whom you want to recommend the best water quality. Family members, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, schoolmates, work colleagues and your baker, if you want.

You can recruit as many customers and new customers as you like.

AQUASAFE customers, but also people who are convinced of the AQUASAFE quality and would like to recommend it. Excluded are specialized dealers / distributors and corporate partners. You can find more information about this in your customer account.