RO-3 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis

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The Company AQUASAFE provide multivendor capability and customized Water Filter Systems at Drink Water purification for private use as also for industry and business. We deliver Water Filters, Carbon Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems as all kind of Replacement filters as equipment too. All of are Products are in high Quality. Profit from are long experience. Choose the save and qualitative best solution for your health.

With AQUASAFE – Products.


AQUASAFE is a member of the Water Quality Association, which stands for highest standards. Our products are CE / ISO accredited.




3-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit

This 3-Stage RO system is a small, portable RO Unit . It can be permanently installed under your sink or used and then stored away in a safe place until the next use. Our RO unit will produce the highest purity of water possible. If you want MORE ULTRA PURE water we can ad a DI Filter for your system . RO alone will remove from 95% to 99% of contaminants, but that can still result in relatively high contaminant levels for sensitive environments. One step further than RO alone, the DI component cleans up the remaining TDS left over after going through the membrane.


Stage 1 - 5micron Sediment Filter

With a five micron rating, it is effective in removing dirt, rust and sand particles. This will catch all the larger particles in order to protect the later filters and membrane. Change every 6 months

Stage 2 - Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Reduction of Chlorine, MtBE, Trihalomethanes, Pesticides, Herbicides, Benzene, Radon, and countless Volatile Organic Chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color. Change every 6 months

Stage 3 – TFC - 190 Liter Reverse Osmosis Membrane

A thin film composite (TFC) top quality membrane that processes up to 50 gallons of pure water per day. It removes the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium. Change every 2 to 4 years, depending on feed water quality and pre-filter maintenance.




Packing List:

  • AQUASAFE 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit incl. Filter & Membrane
  • 100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation
  • All necessary fittings
  •  Installation instruction manual
  • 2 year warrantee




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