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The AQUASAFE Reverse Osmosis filter uses an advanced reverse osmosis technique to concentrate impurities and dispose of them, provide healthy, fresh-tasting drinking water.

Our system improves the quality and safety of your water, making it enjoyable and safe for your family and pets. The heart of the AQUASAFE Reverse Osmosis Unit is a Reverse Osmosis Membrane with 0.001 micron precision filter, which totally removes the bacteria, heavy metals, salt, detrimental mineral substances, dissolved matter, and chemicals that are found in tap water. You won’t believe water can taste so good! Our unique system also reduces the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water: Lead, Copper, Barium, Chromium, Mercury, Sodium, Cadmium, Fluoride, Nitrite and Selenium.

On top of all these qualities, our system is compact enough to fit under the kitchen sink and comes with an attractive faucet that can be mounted in the kitchen area for ‘pure water on demand.’ Additionally, we also provide on our AQUASAFE - Store all kind of replacement parts and filters you may need in the future.      

All AQUASAFE products are CE / ISO accredited and are manufactured by a member of the Water Quality Association

This new technology turns hydraulic energy, that is normally lost to the drain in the brine water (dirty water), into an extra boost for the system itself. It does not require electricity

The result is a dramatic increase to the performance of your system including:

  1. Reduced waste water by up to 80%. Normally even the best RO Systems need to waste approx. 3 gallon of water in order to produce just 1 gallon of pure water. Having our Permeate Pump will reduce that waste by up to 80%, saving thousands of gallon per year. This also allows your system to fill the tank with less work(less water has to flow through he unit in order to make one gallon), making it easier on the system and prolonging the life of all the components including the pre-filters.


  1. Better water quality. With the pump you will always get maximum TDS rejection, even when your water pressure is low. The feed water pressure affects the rejection rate of the membrane, the lower you pressure the lower the performance.


  1. Longer Membrane life. Because you will be using much less water and you will have good pressure through the membrane, you are keeping it clean and prolonging the life by years. There is no need to flush the membrane.


  1. Fills the tank faster and increases tank pressure. Your system will fill the tank up to 65% faster than without our Permeate Pump, and the pressure in the tank will be much better providing faster water from the RO faucet.
  1. More water with smaller membranes. Normally a membrane does not produce what the lable says. If conditions are not ideal, a 35 gallon per day membrane will produce around 15 gallons. With the Permeate Pump, you will get 35 gallons from a 35 gallon per day membrane.

The Permeate Pump can be added to your existing RO system, or you can purchase one of our pump systems.

Packing List:


1x AQUASAFE Permeat-Pump

1x 2 Meter Tube

1x Instalationmaterial

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