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The NEW AS5000 5-Stage reverse osmosis unit with permeat pump

Flawless and crystal clear - water with reverse osmosis

Who would not like to call a sparkling source his own, delivers the day pure drinking water? Like a mountain stream offers pure refreshment, as reliably send you our osmosis plant at any time with healthy water. The secret lies in the natural process of osmosis. By tiny membrane technology smallest particles of dirt and microscopic impurities are filtered exception.
In this way, can come together with Health Benefits geschemacklicher freshness.

Drinking pleasure, thanks to sophisticated processing

The AS5000 is the latest generation of the reverse osmosis plant. High quality water filter design with quality components and sophisticated functionality ensures that over many years of healthy water is available - completely free of obstructions. The natural osmosis filtering process is extremely energy efficient, since only a higher water pressure (min. 3 bar) are generated must.
If a booster pump be required AQUASAFE has obvious right solutions and other accessories in the range - with competitive prices!

Technical data:
Max pressure: 30 bar
Max Temperature: 65 degrees
Certified to NSF, ISO, CE, TÜV *


The Prefilter is because of its coarse micron count (5mic) in the first Level used.
It is used for coarse filtration, and filters out rust particles, sand, water pollution and dust.

This prefilter is made entirely of polypropylene and is shaped as a cylinder.

Technical data:
Function: a pre-filter stage
Max pressure: 9 bar
Maximum temperature: 65 degrees
Life: 6-12 months

2nd GAC carbon filter: The carbon filter is made of charcoal granules and in the two-stage pre-filter is used. The GAC filter filters in particular chlorine, pesticides, metals, and ozone from the water.

Material: This activated carbon granular activated carbon filter is made of high-quality blend.

Technical data:
Function: prefilter stage two
Max pressure: 9 bar
Maximum temperature: 65 degrees
Life: 6-12 months

The sediment filter is due to its finer micron count (1Mic) in the third Level used.
It is used for post-filtration and filter residual coal particles, rust particles, coarse sand and water pollution in a finer micron count.

This sediment filter is made entirely of polypropylene and is shaped as a cylinder.

Technical data:
Function: prefilter stage three
Max pressure: 9 bar
Maximum temperature: 65 degrees
Life: 6-12 months

Double O-rings *:
With help from the TÜV Nord and the Quality Management of NSF & ISO it is us together managed to develop a housing that only begins to tear at 30 Bar! Conventional housing does not even think of 10 bar. Another crucial point compared to conventional housings is the food-material structure. There were, it did set a special attention, using only food grade materials. Are not given a foreign substance.
The tightness is assured by means of two seals, both at the head of the element than are installed on the housing itself.

Water storage tank 8 ltr:
Our newly developed membrane tank is made of food grade materials. So fresh filtered osmosis water is retained longer than traditional water tanks in freshness. The new tank AQUASAFE we create an optimal mix of freshness, quality and quantity! Another plus is the separation of each compartment, so the filtered water in a food-grade diaphragm stored in the tank and is very safe.
By a smaller tank capacity is your system capable of quickly osmosis fresh water to produce.



This new technology turns hydraulic energy, that is normally lost to the drain in the brine water (dirty water), into an extra boost for the system itself. It does not require electricity


The result is a dramatic increase to the performance of your system including:


  1. Reduced waste water by up to 80%. Normally even the best RO Systems need to waste approx. 3 gallon of water in order to produce just 1 gallon of pure water. Having our Permeate Pump will reduce that waste by up to 80%, saving thousands of gallon per year. This also allows your system to fill the tank with less work(less water has to flow through he unit in order to make one gallon), making it easier on the system and prolonging the life of all the components including the pre-filters.


  1. Better water quality. With the pump you will always get maximum TDS rejection, even when your water pressure is low. The feed water pressure affects the rejection rate of the membrane, the lower you pressure the lower the performance.


  1. Longer Membrane life. Because you will be using much less water and you will have good pressure through the membrane, you are keeping it clean and prolonging the life by years. There is no need to flush the membrane.



  1. Fills the tank faster and increases tank pressure. Your system will fill the tank up to 65% faster than without our Permeate Pump, and the pressure in the tank will be much better providing faster water from the RO faucet.


  1. More water with smaller membranes. Normally a membrane does not produce what the lable says. If conditions are not ideal, a 35 gallon per day membrane will produce around 15 gallons. With the Permeate Pump, you will get 35 gallons from a 35 gallon per day membrane.



The Permeate Pump can be added to your existing RO system, or you can purchase one of our pump systems.



AS5000: 5-stage reverse osmosis system
1 x Pre-filter 5 micron (first stage)
1 x GAC carbon filter (second stage)
1 x 1 micron sediment filter (third stage)
1 x AQUASAFE high-performance membrane 50 GPD
1 x inline carbon postfilter (Post Carbon) - taste and odor filter  
    - Aquasafe permeat pump

 - Luxury turning faucet in chrome look
8 ltr storage tank
Long tube in white (NSF)
Pre-filter housing key (heavy version)
Manual in English     

- Automatic shut-off-valve, flow restrictor and check valve 
   - Feed water connector
Drain saddle valve
1/4 inch tubing for system connection
100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation
All necessary fittings
2 year warrantee

Please change your filters every 6 months, the post-filter every 12 months and the membrane every 3 years.


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