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New Products
KA-1 Countertop

KA-1 Countertop
299,90 EUR
SH1 Showerfilter

SH1 Showerfilter
only 22,90 EUR
instead 39,90 EUR
Empty In-Line Filter Cartridge 10

Empty In-Line Filter Cartridge 10"
only 7,90 EUR
instead 9,90 EUR
F6 10

F6 10" In-Line Post Carbon
12,00 EUR
F25 10

F25 10" Post vitalization
only 24,90 EUR
instead 26,90 EUR
FT4 Male Elbow

FT4 Male Elbow
1,50 EUR
New Products

AQUASAFE - Your specialist for water filters

For many years we deal with the subject water quality and water treatment with reverse osmosis and water filter systems for home as well as commercial use. Pollutants from the tap water are filtered out by our Aquasafe-water filters and our reverse osmosis systems. So you can easily add value to your drinking water. Your drinking water will taste better. On our water filter reverse osmosis online shop you will find the best quality for the attractive prices. We carry Aquasafe osmosis water filter shop of any kind, such as reverse osmosis systems, stable well filter or prefilter for the house and the RO-membrane performance up to table-top water filter and many other products related to the topic of water filters.

Water filters for drinking water improvement

Our AQUASAFE water filters are used to rough water filtration to coarse residues such as sand, rust, pesticides, chlorine, metals, sediments, ozone, lead, and micro particles out of your tap water to filter out. Water filters can be used very well as a house-prefilter or well filter in our Big Blue case to counteract thus by Strange and pollutants in the household or garden. There are water filter in various forms such as carbon block filters and sediment filters or activated carbon filters are available in the form of pre-filter or postfilter. They are also used as a prefilter for the reverse osmosis system to protect the RO membrane against too quick soiling. Good water normally hold, depending on the conductivity measurement and polluted area, min. Six months or even longer. The water filter cartridge upgrade plays a crucial role for water treatment and for your drinking water.

Reverse osmosis for best conductivity and taste

Reverse osmosis is a process in which liquid substances and molecules, that are larger than the water molecule, are forced through a semipermeable membrane with pressure. So only the clean and pure water molecule to your drinking water is preserved. You can leave by a post mineralized or bio ceramic your osmosis water with minerals and have so all necessary vital materials. Our reverse osmosis system provides fresh filtered water which is free from contaminants and pollutions. The reverse osmosis process is used since years by industry and water treatment industries with success. Water filters reverse osmosis plants using the methods present a very low conductance and high water quality and are ideal for a balanced diet.


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