Osmosis taps and faucets

With a 3-way osmosis faucet, you enjoy pure diversity in a single fixture. Filtered water and service water run in three separate lines.

The elegant and flexible solution for your kitchen with AQUASAFE

3-way faucets

Osmosis faucets from AQUASAFE - Maroyal 3-way faucet

Maroyal - Splendid, functional ... lead-free!

Do you know if your water tap is really lead-free? Although the use of lead is banned in Germany, there are many 3-way water taps for water filter systems that are contaminated with lead.

Not so in the AQUASAFE water filter store.

Fienna - Quality that inspires

The timeless design language emphasizes value and function for a high level of enjoyment, with every glass of water.

Of our 3-way faucets, FIENNA is the most affordable model. Discover Fienna.

Fienna faucet for osmosis - 3-way faucets from AQUASAFE
Gloria osmosis water height 3-way osmosis faucet

Gloria - Prestige redefined

You already have a water filter system in your shopping cart, but you are still looking for the right faucet?

This noble 3-way faucet will be a real eye-catcher in your kitchen. Discover the advantages.

1-way fittings - The cost-effective addition

If you are looking for an inexpensive faucet for your water filtration system, then the 1-way faucets are ideal. They are additionally installed on the sink.

1-Way Osmosis Water Faucet by AQUASAFE - FC9 in Stainless Steel

Avenjar - Noble, like stainless steel

In the kitchen or in the camper, this small faucet can be installed anywhere easily and quickly. Practical, high quality and inconspicuous.

Already included as standard withour AS5000 water filters. Learn more about this popular 1-way faucet.

Classico - A classic with style

You have a country style kitchen? The Classico 1-way faucet is a real eye-catcher not only here.

For many years, this faucet is a popular purchase and is already a small seller for us.

Standard osmosis faucet - FC3 faucet with rotary knob
LED faucet for osmosis systems - 1-way faucets

Meistro - An LED display with reminder function

Everything we don't do every day, we tend to forget in the stress of everyday life. Changing the filter is certainly one of them.

This LED on the Meistro faucet reminds you to change your filter after 6 months by flashing.

With the Meistro, you'll never forget to change your filter again. Access now.

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