Water revitalisation & water refinement

For extra taste, lightness and freshness

These additional filters expand your water filter system for maximum water quality and drinking pleasure.

Imagine you are standing next to a bubbling mountain stream. The water is cold, clear and fresh. This purity of water is unique. Now you can also experience this at home, through our exclusive water filter system, enjoy.


What are the benefits of a water revitalisation filter?


With reverse osmosis you have the Purity of the water recovered by removing pollutants, but you can also add something back to the water. If we think of the mountain stream, we see bubbling, splashing water between robust rock. This natural structure of the water is particularly compatible for our body and its cells.

With the Vital and Active Filter, you individually give your water back more naturalness, so that you don't just feel like you're standing right next to the mountain stream again when you drink. Discover our AQUASAFE additional filters.


Osmosis refinement for body and mind.
With May fan stones from Japanese healing art.

Learning from other cultures

This filter contains more than just stones. It transports to us the knowledge from many decades of Japanese healing art and traditions that have stood the test of time. The power of stones has great significance there on many levels.

If you often feel tired and listless but still drink a lot, you may have cells that cannot absorb liquids very well. Discover the Vital Filter now and start the day noticeably fresher.

The filter refined with Maifan stones is designed to revitalise body and mind. It causes an improvement in the water structure of your filtered water. Your cells in the body can absorb the water more easily and dynamically. Simply more energy for the day. Try the Vital Filter.


The additional filter for an optimised ph-value.
Water revitalisation in 4 stages.

Enrich, enliven, uplift

For some, it's just a filter with 4 chambers. For our customers, it's the perfect complement to take water to a new level of taste. Discover the advantages.

The rocks in the filter can, among other things, raise the pH value into the alkaline range. This makes the water easier for your body to tolerate.

For example, if you often suffer from heartburn, this filter is the ideal supplement for you. A functioning acid-base balance is enormously important for the body so that you can act effectively and powerfully and enjoy the day.


With magnesium to more performance.
Muscle invigorating and pH-value raising.

Powerful lightness through magnesium

When the legs become heavy and the muscles in the legs ache, a magnesium deficiency is often responsible. Fatigue and listlessness can also go hand in hand with this.

Our power filter with magnesium gets your body going again. With every glass of water, you take magnesium into your body, quite incidentally, so that you can start the day with full energy again.

Furthermore, the pH value of the water is raised significantly into the alkaline range and is thus even better tolerated by the body. Bring yourself forward!


The SBS Side by side - activated carbon afterfilter for
your refrigerator. For germ-free ice cubes
and delicious taste.

Side by Side After Filter - Fresh Filter

The Additional filters (after-filters) specially designed for side-by-side refrigerators can be ideally used to create pure and odourless ice cubes. It also eliminates germs and revitalises your water. You will feel the difference.

Use our fresh water filter with high-quality activated carbon to optimise the taste of your filtered water and enjoy the best water quality.

Crystal-clear and flavour-optimised ice cubes are ready for you at any time, so that you can enjoy your favourite drink without hesitation and in complete relaxation.

To install an additional filter

How to install the additional filter or water revitalisation for an osmosis system?

If you want to add a sixth or seventh filter stage to a water filtration system, this video is for you.

We will show you in two sections how you can install a water revitalisation filter yourself very easily and quickly. More videos on the topic of water filters you can find on our YouTube channel.

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