Video instructions for our water filters

Installations, filter change and disinfection - explained in useful instruction videos

Pictures say more than a thousand words, which is why we started a few years ago to equip our manuals with meaningful photos and colour graphics.

But times are changing and videos now say more than 100 pictures, which also cost less space and resources and are additionally more sustainable.

Therefore, it was also a logical step for us to switch to this new medium and present our new Water filter service world to offer.

Step by step: Video instructions with important tips - From the expert

Our instruction videos are intended to explain to you in an uncomplicated and quick way how to use an AQUASAFE water filter correctly. From changing the filter to installing the tap.

Step by step, we explain what really matters. How do you insert a membrane correctly without damaging it? What should I pay attention to when changing the fuel tank? Or why is disinfection of the water filter system important? You can learn all this from us.

Our pool of helpful videos is growing all the time, so it's worth checking out the AQUASAFE Water Filter YouTube Channel to subscribe and never miss a video again. Why not take a look?

Our video instructions

Desinfektion für Wasserfilter von AQUASAFE - Blau weiße Grafik mit Desinfektionsmittel für Osmoseanlagen

Disinfection for water filters

Regular disinfection is very important and should be carried out every 3-6 months. To help you on your way to the routine, we have prepared a video on disinfection for you.

Membrane wechseln Videoanleitungen von AQUASAFE – Grafik in Blau weiß mit RO-Membrane

Change diaphragm

The diaphragm is changed every 24 months. This is not a popular activity, because the membrane can also be damaged during installation.

Vorfilter wechseln Video Anleitung - Grafik in blau weiß mit verschmutzen Vorfilter

Change prefilter

Changing the pre-filter is one of the most frequent tasks you perform on your water filter system. The video gives you a quick opportunity to refresh your knowledge.

Nachfilter wechseln für Osmoseanlagen – Grafik in Blau weiß und zwei Nachfilter von AQUASAFE

Change afterfilter

The activated carbon afterfilter on the AS5000 is changed every 6 months. In our video on changing the after-filter, we go into all the important points that need to be considered.

Zusatzfilter installieren Videoanleitung – blau weiße Grafik mit zwei Wasserbelebungs Filtern

Install additional filter

You can install a water revitalisation filter (additional filter) at any time. You can find out all the important tips for extra water enjoyment in this installation video.

Wassertank tauschen Anleitungs-Video - Grafik in Blau weiß mit AQUASAFE Wassertank

Replace water tank

We show you what you should look out for when replacing the water tank in our video. We got all wet for you so that you don't have to make this mistake.

AS5000 - Wasserfilteranlage für die Installation vorbereiten - Einleitungsvideo

AS5000 - Preparing the water filter system for installation - Introductory video

You want to prepare your AS5000 water filter system for installation? In this introductory video, we show you how to do this using the 5-stage AS5000 from AQUASAFE.

Kaltwasseranschuss - Installation Wasserfilter-Anlage von AQUASAFE

Cold water connection - Video 1 | 6

In this short video, we will show you how to make the water inlet for your water filter or water filter system correctly.

AQUASTOP Installation für die AS5000 Osmose Wasserfilter-Anlage - AQUASAFE

AQUASTOP Installation - Video 2 | 6

You can find out how to install the AQUASTOP correctly as additional protection against possible water damage in this helpful video from AQUASAFE.

Instruction videos for every need

Disinfection of a water filter system

Here you will find everything you need to know about disinfecting your water filter system.

And if after 6 months you no longer know where to insert the disinfectant bag or that you need to remove the carbon filters, you can find our video on our YouTube channel. Simply save the video and you can access it directly at any time.

Click here to go to the product page for our Disinfectant for water filtration systems.

Replace osmosis membrane

To ensure the quality of your water in the long term, you should dReplace the osmosis membrane every 24 months. To make changing the membrane a pleasure, we have created a suitable and informative video on changing the membrane. Here we show you how to insert the membrane correctly and what you have to pay attention to when changing the membrane.

So that you After 24 months but also be able to access the helpful video again straight away, we recommend our AQUASAFE YouTube Chanel to subscribe and save the video.

Pre-filter change

The pre-filter change takes place your osmosis plant every time every 6 months. You don't always have the manual ready or feel like reading through the individual steps. 

With the video on changing the pre-filter, you can quickly refresh your knowledge and change the pre-filter quickly and easily.

Here you get our high-quality replacement filters for your water filter.

Replace activated carbon afterfilter

We show you in detail how to replace your activated carbon after-filter (fresh filter) in our video instructions. Among other things, we show you how to properly wind Teflon tape onto the thread of the corner pieces.

We also tell you what to do to get rid of the slightly bitter taste of the water after changing the filter. Well, curious? Then take a look.

Here you can download our Activated carbon after-filter, the fresh filter, acquire.

Install water revitalisation and additional filter

Do you fancy a water revitalisation filter (additional filter), but don't know how to install it on your water filter system?

Because many customers feel the same way, we have created this short video for you, in which we show you how easy it is to expand with the Vital or Active Filter.

You can install a 6- or 7-stage at any time - we provide you with all the important tips so that you can give your filtered water even more water enjoyment. So, don't wait any longer and order a Additional filter for water revitalisation buy

Change tank

The food-safe bladder in the tank is heavily stressed over the years, so that it eventually becomes porous and the water escapes into the tank. If, for example, only a little water arrives in your glass even though the tank is full, this is a sign of a defective water tank.

In this case, you need a new water storage tank.

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