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Installations, filter change and disinfection - explained in useful instruction videos

Pictures say more than 1000 words, which is why we started to equip our manuals with meaningful photos and color graphics a few years ago.

But times are changing and videos now say more than 100 images, which also cost less space and resources, in addition to being more sustainable.

Therefore also a logical step for us to change to this new medium and to offer you our new Water filter service world offer.

Step by step: video tutorials with important tips - From the expert

Our instructional videos are designed to give you a straightforward and quick explanation of how to properly use an AQUASAFE water filter. From changing the filter to installing the water tap.

Step by step, we explain what really matters. How do you insert a diaphragm correctly without damaging it? What should I pay attention to when replacing the tank? Or why is it important to disinfect the water filter system? You will learn all this from us.

Our pool of helpful videos is constantly growing, so it's worth subscribing to the AQUASAFE water filter YouTube channel to never miss a video again. Take a look.

Instruction videos for every need

Here you get everything you need to know about the disinfection of your water filter system.

Und sollten Sie nach 6 Monaten nicht mehr wissen, wo der Desinfektionsmittelbeutel eingesetzt werden muss oder dass Sie die Kohlefilter ausbauen müssen, dann finden Sie unser Video bei uns im YouTube-Kanal. Speichern Sie sich das Video einfach ab, dann können Sie jederzeit direkt darauf zugreifen.

Hier geht es zur Produktseite für unser Desinfektionsmittel für Wasserfilteranlagen.

To ensure the quality of your water permanently, you shouldreplace the osmosis membrane every 24 months. So that the exchange of the membrane becomes a pleasure, we have created the appropriate and informative video for the membrane change. Here we show you how to use the membrane correctly and what you need to pay attention to when changing the membrane.

However, to make sure you can access the helpful video right after 24 months, we recommend subscribing to our AQUASAFE YouTube chanel and saving the video.

The pre-filter change takes place your osmosis system every time every 6 months. You don't always have the manual ready or feel like reading through the individual steps.

With the video on changing the pre-filter, you have the opportunity to quickly refresh your knowledge and carry out the change of the pre-filter quickly and easily.

Here you can get our high quality replacement filters for your water filter.

Wie Sie Ihren Aktivkohle Nachfilter (Frische-Filter) austauschen, zeigen wir Ihnen ausführlich in unserer Videoanleitung. Unter anderem zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie Teflonband richtig auf das Gewinde der Eck-Stücke aufwickeln.

Wir sagen zeigen Ihnen auch, was Sie tun müssen, um den leicht bitteren Geschmack des Wassers nach dem Filterwechsel loszuwerden. Na, neugierig? Dann schauen Sie doch mal rein.

Hier können Sie unseren Aktivkohle-Nachfilter, den Frische-Filter, erwerben.

Sie haben Lust auf einen Wasserbelebungsfilter (Zusatzfilter), aber wissen nicht wie Sie diesen auf Ihrer Wasserfilteranlage installieren sollen?

Weil es vielen Kunden so geht haben wir dieses kurze Video für Sie erstellt, indem wir Ihnen zeigen wie einfach die Erweiterung mit dem Vital- oder Aktiv-Filter ist.

You can install a 6- or 7-stage at any time - We will provide you with all the important tips so that you can give your filtered water even more water enjoyment. So, don't wait any longer and buy an additional filter for water revitalization right away

The food-safe bladder in the tank is subjected to a lot of stress over the years, so that it eventually becomes porous and the water escapes into the tank. If, for example, only a little water arrives in your glass even though the tank is full, this is a sign of a defective water tank.

In this case, you will need a new water supply tank.

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