Reverse osmosis system

Thanks to AQUASAFE's patented membranes and filters, your tap water is filtered under increased pressure so that pollutants that are not desired in tap water are filtered out. When you buy a water filter from AQUASAFE, you are not only buying contaminant-free water, you are also buying clean and tasty water. The reverse osmosis process ensures the quality of your most important food - water.

Reverse osmosis requires 3 - max. 5 bar, so that pollutants, germs and micro-plastics can be filtered out of the drinking water.

Drinking water treatment with AQUASAFE reverse osmosis filters

You would like to rely on clean drinking water for private or business purposes? Then you should buy AQUASAFE reverse osmosis filters or water filters from AQUASAFE. We enable you daily drinking water enjoyment at home and in the office.

Reverse osmosis water treatment is a process in which all or most of the water molecules are removed from a liquid using a reverse osmosis membrane. The concentrated liquid, now known as fresh water, can then be used for various purposes such as drinking, gardening and fishing. RO membranes have been in use for over 50 years and are considered one of the most efficient methods of water treatment. One common type of RO filter is the AQUASAFE reverse osmosis filter. The AQUASAFE reverse osmosis filter is a very efficient RO filter that offers great advantages due to its simple and quick installation.

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