Clean water

Water enables life - AQUASAFE enables optimal tap water. The purchase of an AQUASAFE water filter, reverse osmosis system or filter system for water ensures you clean, tasty but especially pollution-free water for your home or office - day and night.

Tap water can be clean, but some impurities can make it less than ideal for drinking. AQUASAFE water filter systems remove many contaminants and allow for optimal tap water quality. They are easy to use and affordable, making them a great choice for anyone looking for better tasting tap water.

The water filter market is currently experiencing a boom with the increasing awareness of the need for clean and safe drinking water. AQUASAFE has been a leader in this market for many years with its innovative and high-quality water filters.

AQUASAFE manufactures water filters used in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and other facilities that require high quality and pure osmosis water. Our filters are effective in removing contaminants such as lead, mercury, chlorine, sediment and other pollutants from the water supply.

AQUASAFE stands for clean water

Protect the environment by refrain from buying plastic bottles. If you buy a water filtration system from AQUASAFE, you can help protect the environment and enjoy healthy and inexpensive drinking water at the same time. An AQUASAFE water filter system is ideal if you have a high water consumption.

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