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AQUASAFE - Inexpensive water of the best quality

The Tap water quality is subject to strict regulations in Germany, which are also controlled and adhered to. Despite these environmental standards, our tap water is still contaminated with a lot of pollutants that make carefree enjoyment impossible.

This is because the limits for concentrations of nitrates, pesticides, hydrocarbons, heavy metal compounds, chlorine, surfactants, drug residues, hormones and radioactive substances are too high. Every year, the beverage industry makes glittering profits with expensive mineral water, which we citizens not only have to pay for, but also transport home in bottles.

With an average price per litre starting at 4 cents per litre, it is possible with the help of the Molecular filtration of an osmosis plant make the best water yourself at home.

Convince yourself and benefit from transparency and honesty


All our equipment, filters and accessories undergo several quality tests and are subject to strict international quality requirements, which ensure safe and pure drinking pleasure through recognised seals of approval and certificates.

MADE IN GERMANY - German Institute for Quality & Certification


We let our Premium AS-X direct flow system manufactured here in the north of Germany. And because we are particularly proud of this water filter system, we have it extensively tested every year by the German Institute for Quality and Certification and again awarded the title "Made in Germany". This certification motivates us and ensures a clear added value on the water filter market, because only a few water filter systems are allowed to bear this title. Learn more about AQUASAFE here.

NSF - National Science Foundation


NSF stands for National Sanition Foundation. This quality seal is a non-profit and independent organisation that specialises in testing products according to the highest quality standards in the field of health and environmental responsibility. A product only receives the NSF certificate if it fully meets all safety criteria as well as all health aspects. The requirements that NSF places on the products are very high, significantly higher than those required by German legislation or EU law.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for food control and drug approval in the United States. The FDA's mission is to protect public health in the USA. The FDA controls the safety and efficacy of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, foodstuffs and radiation-emitting devices. This applies to products manufactured in the USA as well as imported products.

WQA - Water Quality Association


WQA means Water Quality Association and stands for the highest quality standards for the entire water industry. This is a non-profit association that fosters close cooperation and dialogue between the industry, government and, of course, the end consumer. This competent association serves as a source of information and advice as well as a product tester for all professionals in the water industry. Products with the WQA seal have a high quality standard. Further information on the WQA

As an international company, we attach great importance to quality goods. Only when they have been tested and declared safe do they leave our premises. Before delivery, we check every single installation for professional pre-assembly as well as proper packaging and safety. Because we are our strongest critics, you receive only the best. Pure water for a fair price.

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