Passende Ersatzfilter für Ihre Wasserfilteranlage

It's time once again for a filter or membrane change? Then you are at the right place!

AS5000 Ersatzfilter​

Alle AQUASAFE AS5000 Ersatzfilter

Pre-filters, post-filters, membranes and water revitalization filters of the AS5000 can be found on the following product page.

You do not know how many filter stages your AS5000 has? No problem, with us you are sure to find the right filters. Buying replacement filters has never been so easy! And if you do have questions, we'll be happy to help.

AS5000FF Filter​

Filter cartridges and membranes for the AS5000FF

Filters for the AS5000FF models can be found here:

Regular replacement of the pre-filters, post-filters and additional filters, but also of the membranes is important to be able to guarantee the functionality and quality of the AS5000FF and the filtered water. Learn more about your water.

AS-X Vorfilter​

Which filter set do you need?

We provide you here all the filter sets and membranes that you is suitable for your water filtration system. 

Conveniently select your system type and order your suitable filter set quickly and easily.

Do not be confused by different looking filter cartridges. We are constantly optimizing our products and sometimes replace filters. All this so that you get an improved and more user-friendly product.

For example, if you have a 6-stage AS5000FF, you can find the appropriate replacement filters for this product by clicking the "AS5000FF" button below.

If you still have questions or are unsure about your purchase decision, we will of course be happy to assist you. Your water filter system is not included? Have a look under the button "Replacement filters & membranes for other models", here we have replacement filters and membranes of all kinds.

Looking for more filter cartridges and filter sets?

No matter whether AQUAMASTER, KU-1 or M5 plant - we have the right filter for everyone.

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