CORONAVIRUS - Let's make the best of it!

In small steps, we start a new everyday life - with mouth protection, disinfection and a safe distance. As long as there is no effective vaccine against the virus, precautions will continue to apply to all of us.

The crisis leaves its mark in all areas of life. Even if the danger will be averted at some point, the corona pandemic has shown us how fast, far-reaching and dangerous a virus can spread and what effects this can have on our quality of life. The uncertainty about further restrictions and a possible quarantine remains, so the situation remains tense. With a water filter from AQUASAFE you secure access to the best water quality, even in difficult times.

Buy water filters and benefit.

Anyone who is not currently suffering from the corona crisis is trying to benefit from it. And wherever the need for necessary products, such as protective masks, is high, overpriced prices for the product are often demanded.

Even in the area of ​​water filters, we can see that there are more and more product offers from bogus companies that are overpriced and whose systems are said to be able to filter out the corona virus.

AQUASAFE water filter systems can filter pollutants, germs and micro-plastic from tap water, but no provider can and should not give you the ultimate protection against pathogens such as the corona virus. So far there is no scientific knowledge. So be critical and get advice.

In addition, clean water does not have to cost a fortune. You should distance yourself from offers with inflated prices, which are tantamount to buying a small car. We recommend that you buy a water filter from AQUASAFE because we can offer you the best quality at reasonable prices. And that is honest, fair and independent of the crisis!

Why buy a water filter? Because, …

... you can enjoy clean water from the tap at home without having to leave your home and buy water bottles.
… You can do without the annoying carrying of water bottles.
... you avoid plastic waste and thus protect the environment and the climate.
… You have unlimited access to pollutant-free water.
... you can save money with your water filter system in difficult times like now.

Protect yourself and others - stay at home.

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