Water filters provide you with pure and fresh drinking water

Why do you need a water filter, and which are the best?

We have been filtering water for over 19 years in order to filter undesirable substances such as lime, rust, germs and bacteria from the water. And more and more pollutants are added, the effects of which on the body cannot yet be recognized.

We all drink water every day because it is an important element of nature that we need to live. The quality of the water is of great importance so that we feel fit and vital anew every day. Only a healthy body and mind give us joy of life and make it possible to accomplish great deeds.

Unfortunately, the quality of the tap water that we pour into our drinking glass every day is not always completely free of pollutants and residues of various products. It is true that people like to talk about the best water quality in Germany and even looking at it with the naked eye does not make contamination immediately visible, but there is more in the water than you would like.

The waterworks purify water and recycle it in the best possible way, but we cannot see what happens in the possibly very old and rusty pipes on the way from the waterworks to your home.

It is increasingly the case that drug residues can be found in the water, such as an investigation by the NDR has shown. On the other hand, we ingest up to 2000 particles / approx. 5 grams of micro-plastic in our bodies every week, as a study by the WWF shows, to give you two examples.

These are all factors that for us do not distinguish natural water.

For this reason, we filter tap water and can only recommend additional filtration with a water filter system, also known as reverse osmosis system. You can thus ensure the best water quality, which you can easily get from your tap at home.

Our filter systems remove up to 99% of the undesired components from the water in a multi-stage process. From today, you can easily determine the quality of your water yourself with your AQUASAFE water filter system.

Discover our wide range of water filter products on our website and buy water filters for your home now. Not convinced yet? Here you will find further advantages or give us a call.

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What are the advantages of a filter system?

  • You protect the environment if you refrain from buying plastic bottles.
  • You reduce the absorption of micro-plastic in your body by doing without reusable bottles.
  • You no longer need to lug heavy water crates because you bring your water source home.
  • No more limescale residues in the kettle or coffee machine, thanks to effective filters and membranes.
  • You can find more information about our filter systems and their differences here.

Why is it worth investing in a water filter system?

You can buy small filters, for example in the form of jugs, that you can use on the dining table. However, unlike water filter systems, these only filter small amounts of pollutants out of the water. The reason: only simple carbon filters are used there.

By purchasing a water filter system that you install on the water connection below your sink, you can secure larger quantities of filtered water that filters up to 99% of all pollutants from the water before it flows out of your tap.

This is achieved through an effective multi-stage process, the heart of which is a high-performance and fine membrane. Investing in a filter system pays off with the first drop of water, because it simply offers better water quality.

We filter - you enjoy

Darstellung der Umkehrosmose-Filtration mit unterschiedlichen Filtrationsstufen

Why should you choose an AQUASAFE water filter?

  • We love water and want to give you affordable access to optimally filtered water.
  • Almost 20 years of experience in the market represent our perseverance and our commitment to research more effective filter solutions for you every day and to be able to offer them to you at fair prices.
  • Our focus is on the quality of materials, performance and water.
  • We go innovative ways and set milestones in the water filter market. One such milestone is, for example, the award of the “MADE IN GERMANY” to the FL300, which has been checked and certified by external experts.
  • With us, you will find the ideal water filter system that suits your individual needs. Regardless of whether it is a private household, daycare center, doctor's practice or office - you will find more than you need here.
  • Are you an Aquarius? We also have the right products in our range for you.
  • Because we can recommend the ideal filter system / reverse osmosis system through extensive advice - of course without any purchase obligation.
  • Because we are always by your side, even in difficult times.
  • We have all spare parts, filters and accessory components in stock for you.
  • Our service staff ensure the best service and fast deliveries.

Now it's up to you. Discover our variety of products and let yourself be inspired. If you do not find what you are looking for, don't hesitate and give us a call. Let's find the ideal system for your needs together.