Water is life

Water in focus - Water filters for home use. The earth, our blue planet is covered with two-thirds of water. A life without water is impossible on Earth. The UN General Assembly unanimously declared access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation as a human right.

But our bodies are made of two-thirds water. This is involved in a bound form in our cells at all vital processes. Water thus has a central importance for people. The normal fluid intake is alone about 2.5 liters a day per person. A lack of water leads us to strong health problems. Finally, the quality of drinking water will decide whether our body is fully functioning or not.

Pollutants may interfere with the vital processes strongly. Mobility and health sit literally on dry land. Water also has an important transport function. So it is for the water to carry nutrients from the food to the individual cells of the body and flush out toxins from the kidneys, intestines and skin.

If the drinking water prevented this main function, however, it's purifying and detoxifying effect is reduced accordingly. To be at peace with himself, there is a good water source. These are: water filters like reverse osmosis filters or osmosis systems.

Tap water = drinking water?

Has your tap water really food quality? Can we trust our tap water completely unfiltered? Background: The waterworks are obliged by law to treat the groundwater, surface water and spring water according to the guidelines of the current drinking water regulations. Only then the tap water is drinkable without restriction. But how strictly are these rules, and what actually happens to the water line on the way from the waterworks to the faucet?

Is there an effective molecular filtration? A big drawback: the water is often transported through outdated pipelines. Residues of copper or lead can get into the water. This poses great health risks, especially for pregnant women, diabetics and young children.

Tap water with elevated lead, cadmium, copper and nitrate concentration should not be used as drinking water or for food preparation. Serious health problems can result. High nitrate levels also in connection with galvanized pipes, because of the possible formation of nitrite (carcinogen) poses a problem.

The limit values for pollutants in water may indeed be exemplary in Germany, but the increased environmental exposure to pollutants such as nitrates, pesticides, hydrocarbons, heavy metal compounds, chlorine, surfactants, pharmaceutical residues, hormones and radioactive substances makes complete cleaning of drinking water almost impossible.

To make the impossible possible? AQUASAFE offers for testing your tap water different kinds of TDS tester. So you are to be able to check your water quality by a conductivity measurement.

Bubbling water happiness

A professional water treatment by water filtration systems or reverse osmosis systems improves the water quality immensely. Turbidity, microorganisms and certain substances are filtered, or at least their concentration is greatly reduced. With the right water filter system you can be targeted to ensure a significantly improved water quality.

The source is the faucet

Health and wellbeing - the premise: Pure water by reverse osmosis water filters. Our recommendation: Only trust the water that you filter. We will gladly help you. Our reverse osmosis water filter system ensures uncontaminated and pure water of the highest quality. Naturally good - the filter process of reverse osmosis takes nature as an example.

Reverse osmosis. How does this work?

Reverse osmosis has proven itself as the most effective filtering process. The reverse osmosis technology comes from NASA's space research. Freshwater poor island states use the reverse osmosis for seawater desalination. For decades, the reverse osmosis is among others in medicine (for example, for hemodialysis at dialysis equipment), food production, the printing industry and of course in the production of drinking water for use and constantly being added to new areas. More and more households are recognizing the potential of the reverse osmosis water filter.

The multi-stage process starts with the three prefilters, which are again divided into three phases. First the water is roughly cleaned. Sand, rust and other particles are removed by means of the sediment filter. The activated carbon filter reduces organic compounds such as chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and gases. The carbon block filter is for the removal of micro-sediments. This three-stage prefilters prolongs life on the downstream reverse osmosis membranes.

Only now the water is forced through the osmosis membranes. The ultrafine pores of these membranes are similar to our body cells and have a diameter of only 0.0001 micron! For comparison - a human hair has a size of about 70 microns! These pores allow only water molecules, as well as a part of the diet happen psychologically valuable minerals (electrolytes). Finally, the water is replenished by the carbon post-filter and odors are removed. With an optional Vital water filter cartridge can take place in addition to an energizing and vitalizing water.

Why water filters and reverse osmosis systems?

Your benefits at a glance: Advantage Health:

  • Around the clock pure, pollutant-free water
  • 99.9% less organic substances such as bacteria or viruses
  • Better taste
  • Nearly ideal pH
  • Improved conductivity (PPM)
  • Increased resistance

Benefit cost savings:

  • Cost-effective and healthy drinking water
  • Less time because drinking water directly from the tap

Lifetime advantage:

  • Plumping are spared
  • Reverse osmosis membrane is spared

Advantage sustainability:

  • No waste disposal
  • The purchase of bottled water and the transport of the boxes is eliminating

Water filters and reverse osmosis systems from AQUASAFE

AQUASAFE offers vendor-independent tailor-made water filtration systems for water treatment for domestic, industrial and catering. We provide you with reverse osmosis plants and respective osmosis equipment, water filters, activated carbon filters, lime filter, prefilter and after-filter, sediment filter as well as prefilter.

We are your partner for sustainable water technology and water treatment. With us, you also get products from all major manufacturers such as Filmtec, Omnipure or Pentek filter. Benefit from our years of experience and select reliable products from Aquasafe.

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