What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a unique filtration process, which filters out pollutants in molecular / nanometer range. In reverse osmosis, the tap water is forced through a fine-pored, semipermeable membrane. This membrane consists of laser perforated, ultrafine pores, which ensure that the water molecules are forced through the membrane and dissolved impurities up to 99% be filtered.

I live in a very chalky region (high water hardness). What should I do?

In regions with a high lime content in the water, a special anti-scale filter must be installed in the 3rd pre-filter stage in place of the 1 micron prefilter, so the RO membrane is not clogged. These accessories are available in our online shop www.aquasafe.de

How does the filtered water taste and how does it affect the smell od the coffee / tea / juices / concentrates?

The filter system removes any contaminants from the water, which change the natural taste of hot and cold drinks. Therefore, your drinks will taste under optimal conditions now more natural and more intense. The lime is reduced under optimum conditions up to 99%. The annoying descaling of the coffee machine or the kettle falls away.

How much filtered water a osmosis unit produces?

Under optimum conditions, i.e., sufficient water pressure (min. 3 bar), optimal installation location, etc. creates a system (for example, our AS5000) between 40-50 gallons of filtered water per day.

When should the system be disinfected?

We recommend that you disinfect every 12 months, the filter system. A special disinfectants are available in our online store.

What should I consider when I unused the filter for long periods?

When the filter unit is not been used for a long time, e.g. after a longer vacation, leave the water storage tank for hygienic reasons idle and rinse the filter system. Important: For longer periods the membrane and the filter must be kept moist, so they do not dry out.

The water tastes bad. Why is that?

Think of the filter change. Replace your filter and let the water storage tank run empty and then flush the system. A Vital filter can also improve the taste of water.