AS5000 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit


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✔ 6 stage reverse osmosis water filter ✔ Vitalization filter (water revitalization) ✔ Stainless steel tap (included) ✔ 8L water storage tank (space-saving) ✔ 190 liters per day ✔ NEW design ✔ Best material and water quality ✔ Detailed operating instructions ✔ AQUASTOP | Incl. Replacement pad

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AS5000 the 6-stage reverse osmosis system

We bring the water source straight to your home - with the new AS5000 in a fresh and modern design. The cheapest water filter system with a storage tank that can do more than you need.

Why should we filter water?

Despite strict inspections by the waterworks, our tap water is often still contaminated with a large number of pollutants that we pour into our water glass every day. It could be a high nitrate content in the water, old pipelines in the streets or drug residues in the groundwater - we cannot control the route from the waterworks to your home. Pollutants that we cannot see with our eyes ultimately end up back in your tap water. We at AQUASAFE therefore recommend an additional filtration, through reverse osmosis, in order to really filter out all undesirable pollutants from the tap water. We love the best water quality and want you to be able to enjoy this quality too. Whether for yourself, for the youngest or the oldest - treat yourself to the BEST. Our AS5000 osmosis system provides you with clean water at all times. The secret lies in the natural process of osmosis. Tiny dirt particles and microscopic impurities are filtered out of the tap water without exception through the finest membranes. In this way, the best water quality is always available to you.

The AS5000 is the latest generation of reverse osmosis systems. A high-quality construction with quality components and an effective mode of operation ensure that fresh water is always available - completely free of foreign bodies and pollutants. The osmosis filter process saves energy, as only increased water pressure (min. 3 bar) is required for operation. If a booster pump is required, AQUASAFE naturally has the right solution as well as other accessories in its range - at favorable prices!

What we filter with:

Thanks to the finest filters and a high-quality membrane, pollutants such as lead, germs, viruses and micro-plastic particles are filtered out of the tap water - so that you can access clean, natural and germ-free water every day.


Filter 1 | Sediment filter (5 micron) This filter keeps coarse particles such as rust, sand and dirt floating in the water.

Filter 2 | Activated carbon filter (GAC) The carbon-activated carbon filter ensures that pollutants such as chlorine, lead or other heavy metals and chemical residues are filtered out.

Filter 3 | Sediment filter (1 micron) The third filter stage filters out the elements that are not visible to the naked eye. These can be microparticles, carbon particles and microplastics that float in the water.

High-performance membrane (1 x 50 GPD) This high-performance membrane ensures perfect filtration of the water and removes up to 99% of all remaining foreign bodies in the water.

TANK (8 liters) After filtration, the water is temporarily stored in the 8 liter tank. The tank has a food-grade rubber bladder inside that prevents contact with the housing.

Activated carbon post-filter The so-called 5 stage is occupied by the activated carbon post-filter (post-carbon filter). This prepares the filtered water in the tank one last time before you pour it into your drinking glass. You can optionally add a sixth and seventh filter stage to further optimize the filtration and perfect the water quality.

vitalizationfilter in yellow by aquasafe

Vitalization filter | Vitalizes and invigorates your water.

A functioning cell cycle ensures optimal well-being, performance and a functioning digestive process. A smooth circulatory system can also be preventative, as pathogens cannot settle in the body so easily and are excreted earlier through a regulated water balance. If the tap water still had the energy content of well water, as it did 80 years ago, we would have fewer sick people today, says Ing. Bernhard Ratheiser. Before the filtered water flows out of the tap, it passes through this additional vitalization filter. This contains high-energy ceramic balls fired at 1800 degrees. These cause the water to swirl again and release traces of iron ions into the water. Bioenergetic vibrations are thus emitted to the water at a wavelength of 10 microns. The sum of these processes has a positive influence on the water density, ionization, conductivity, surface tension and the pH value of osmotically treated water. So give your tap water back more naturalness!

More benefits:


Do you need large quantities of filtered water for cooking? Or do you have several guests visiting whom you would like to demonstrate your water quality to? Then the 8 liter storage tank can provide you with up to 2 liters of filtered water per minute. This is a great advantage when things have to be done quickly.


Unlike a direct flow system, the AS5000 runs entirely without electricity. Save electricity costs and use the power of water for filtration.


We have further simplified the installation process of the system. A high quality manual with colored pictures will help you with the installation. The colored hoses and the markings on the system allow installation to be carried out quickly and easily. If you have any questions about the installation, one of our technicians will always be happy to help.


The scope of delivery includes an additional AQUASTOP including a replacement pad, which ensures even more safety in the system. As soon as water unexpectedly flows out of the system, the AQUASTOP trips and thus prevents the water from escaping any further. This prevents major water damage.


The high-quality 1-way faucet is already included in the scope of delivery. Install it on your sink next to the tap and enjoy filtered water from your stainless steel tap. You will of course receive instructions on how to install it.

Technical specifications:

Filter | 3 filter levels

Membranes | 1x 50 GPD membrane

Post filter | Activated carbon

Vitalizationfilter | Stage 6

Tank | 8 liters (height 34cm, diameter: 22cm)

Filtration | approx. 2 liters flow rate per minute (with full tank)

Dimensions | Length: 35cm x width: 14.5cm x height: approx. 30cm Max.

Pressure | 5 bar Max.

Temperature | 65 degrees

Certified | NSF, ISO, CE, TÜV *


  • AS5000 | Water filter system with storage tank / reverse osmosis system
  • 1 x sediment filter 5 micron | First stage
  • 1 x activated carbon filter | Second step
  • 1 x sediment filter 1 micron | Third step
  • 1 x AQUASAFE high-performance membrane | 50 GPD
  • 1 x activated carbon post-filter | Fifth stage
  • 1 x vitalization filter | sixth stage
  • 1 x water storage tank | 8 liters
  • 1 x stainless steel faucet | 1-way
  • Long connection hoses | Demanding colors for perception
  • Montage Mounting / connection accessories | Complete cold water connection with better drainage clamp
  • Pre-filter and membrane housing key | Solid design
  • Detailed operating instructions | With colored pictures and interesting tips
  • AQUASTOP | Incl. Replacement pad

We recommend the filter change:

The pre-filter, every 6 months.

The post-filter, every 6 months.

The additional filter every 12 months.

The membrane every 2 years.


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