AS5000-FW2 1x Filterwechsel Pre, GAC, Sediment


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✔ 1x pre-filter (5 micron)
✔ 1x pre-filter (activated carbon - GAC)
✔ 1x pre-filter (1 micron)
✔ 1x activated post carbon filter (SBS)

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More info

Pre-filter set for the AS5000 from AQUASAFE

Here we provide you with all replacement filters that you need for your water filter system. These are the three pre-filters and the activated post carbon filter (SBS) for your AS5000 water filter system with tank.

Filter 1 | Sediment filter (5 micron)

This filter keeps coarse particles such as rust, sand and dirt floating in the water.

Filter 2 | Activated carbon filter (GAC)

The carbon-activated carbon filter ensures that pollutants such as chlorine, lead or other heavy metals and chemical residues are filtered.

Filter 3 | Sediment filter (1 micron)

The third filter stage filters out the elements that are not visible to the naked eye. These can include microparticles, carbon particles and microplastics that float in the water.

Filter 4 | 50 GPD membrane (optionally available)

The certified 50 GPD membrane from AQUASAFE is located at this position, but is not included in the scope of delivery. If you also need the osmosis membrane, you can order it here. It is recommended to change the membrane every 24 months.

Filter 5 | Activated post carbon filter (SBS)

Before you remove your filtered water from the tap, it runs through this activated carbon post-filter. This is also suitable as an SBS refrigerator filter. The filter provides a final filtering of the water and enhances it again.


Filter size: 7 "
Max. Pressure: 9 bar
Max. Temperature: 65 degrees
Lifespan: 6 months


1 x sediment filter 5 micron | First stage
1 x activated carbon filter | Second step
1 x sediment filter 1 micron | Third stage 1 x activated carbon post-filter (SBS) | Fifth stage

We recommend the change:

the pre-filter, post-filter and additional filter every 6 months.
the membrane every 24 months.

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