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8 reasons for a water filter system from AQUASAFE

8 Gründe für eine Wasserfilteranlage von AQUASAFE

Why we should filter water and why it is advisable to buy a water filter system are questions to which we here at AQUASAFE have more than one answer.

We deal with the topic of "water" on a daily basis and research, check and analyse scientific findings, test reports, customer experiences and limit values for drinking water.

In doing so, we have a network of partners from whose experience reports we can also draw important information.

And then we have the part that gives us the most pleasure, namely to tell you about the best water in the world, that we have produced with our Water filter systems from AQUASAFE can produce.

What do a reverse osmosis system and the human body have in common?

Warum eine Wasserfilteranlage - 8 Gründe für einen Wasserfilter
Why a water filter system - 8 reasons for a water filter

The principle of reverse osmosis

Both filter pollutants. The problem: If we have to filter the pollutants from the tap water in our bodies, we lose important resources and energy that our bodies need for other tasks.

If the quality of the water is still poor, we absorb these unwanted pollutants from it, which the body then has to break down and filter in the organs itself. That doesn't have to be the case.

Filtered water is better for the body and vitality

Why not just let us do the job for us? An AQUASAFE home water filtration system simply and effectively takes over the filtration process instead of our bodies, removing 98.2 % of all pollutants before we drink the water.

Germs, bacteria, drug residues etc. have no chance to enter the body. Pure, clear water flows through the body into the cells.

We benefit from the quality of the water: the skin looks firmer and purer, concentration and vitality are more enduring and we are less susceptible to colds because pathogens do not settle so easily in the cells and are eliminated more quickly.

What is in the tap water?

Visible, invisible, unimaginable!

Pollutants such as nitrates from agriculture, lead from old pipes, uranium from contrast agents, pesticides, heavy metals, lime, chlorine, drug residues, microplastics, PFAS and PFOS, ... are serious dangers in tap water, the existence of which has been proven.

But we can partly neither see nor perceive these substances, as they are quasi invisible and not visible to the human eye.

The Reverse osmosis Water filter system removes 98.2 % of all pollutants from tap water

And every day, new man-made chemical substances are added from the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries, the automotive industry and other power plants and production factories.

We surround ourselves with life-enhancing products whose effects on health are often unknown. Unknowingly. And thus also affect and harm the next generation.

"Forever chemicals" Translated eternal chemicals, for example, are only one of many problems for which there are still no findings, limit values and measurement methods in the German and European Drinking Water Ordinance.

Nevertheless, these are partly and carcinogenic substances that are already detectable in the blood of almost all of us.

AQUASAFE water filters use a careful and multi-stage reverse osmosis filtration process to remove all these substances from tap water before we drink it with our daily glass of water.

Our water filtration systems are developed here in Germany by a team of technicians, product developers and designers using the latest technologies and processes to ensure the best possible filter result with excellent water quality.

Our customers are convinced of the quality. Discover the world of water filters.

Why are water filtration systems expensive?

Not with AQUASAFE - the price is right here and so is the performance!

Our customers have chosen AQUASAFE because the price-performance ratio is right. Because they like our attitude to fair prices without compromising on quality.

Inexpensive water filters, top performance - Then AQUASAFE is the right choice for you!

We thank our customers for their loyalty with low prices and great water filter offers, so that more and more people can enjoy the best water quality and say goodbye to carrying water boxes forever.

Because in our view, good water should not be expensive and should simply be used directly from the household water supply.

Water bottle and water filter in comparison

A calculation example that will amaze you

Vergleich - gefiltertes Wasser zu Flaschenwasser
Comparison - filtered water to bottled water

The advantages are obvious and everyone will find themselves in the following list.

You save time

Are you one of those people who buy boxes of water every week at the supermarket or drinks market and then lug them around? Do you drive unnecessary kilometres just to buy water?

There is no need to pack water when it can just as easily, conveniently and quickly flow directly from the water pipe at home. In a consistently high quality.

Enjoy the free time for a nice book or an activity you've been wanting to do for a while. Sports, yoga, cooking, etc.

You save money

And a lot of it. We have prepared a calculation example for you, which you can find in detail here.

But basically, suffice it to say that you can save money in every way with a water filter system. It doesn't get any better and cheaper than this, does it?

You protect the body and can use the energy more sensibly

Carrying water boxes is definitely not back-friendly. Especially because we usually do it wrong. But with a water filter system, we can save ourselves the trouble altogether and keep our bodies fit in a different and healthy way.

With the new time and money you've saved, you can now book a fitness course for your body or simply do some wellness. You're sure to find something suitable for you.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable with a water filter system from AQUASAFE

Why? Because you reduce a lot of CO₂ by not having to drive to buy your water.

But we are also doing our part to promote sustainability and regionality by increasingly relocating many development and production steps to Germany in order to be greener in this way as well.

It has never been more important than today to take the step into a green future. We are not just planning it, we are taking action. So let's take it into our hands together.

By buying a water filter system, you are supporting us on our journey and making a significant contribution to being more climate-friendly yourself.

MADE IN GERMANY - everyone wants - not everyone has - AQUASAFE does!

A "Made in Germany" certificate issued by external experts is our milestone in the water filter market. Our AS-X water filter is the result of many years of work and represents our philosophy.

We transport information about a product whose existence is often ridiculed. Since we in Germany are known to have the best water, most people are often quickly satisfied with this statement.

We want to create more awareness for tap water quality and how to deal with it and therefore focus on transparency. Both on the topic of water quality and on our products.

Other countries have relied for years on professional water treatment using high-quality water filter systems with the finest molecular technology from AQUASAFE.

In the USA and also in many European countries, many households have an osmosis system installed in the kitchen base cabinet as standard. It is virtually part of the inventory.

So be sure to get comprehensive advice on buying a water filter system. With the right filter system, you can independently and effectively ensure better water quality within your own four walls. Conveniently and around the clock.

 Have the 8 advantages convinced you? No, then you should read the text to the end, because we have so many more important insights that will inspire you. Maybe you simply still have unanswered questions, then don't hesitate to ask us.

We are always happy to answer interesting questions. Please get in touch via our contact page.

How does a water filter system from AQUASAFE work?

5 Filters for clean water are just the beginning

We use the tap water connection for cold water under the sink in the kitchen base cabinet as the water source. From here, the tap water comes into the water filter system (as an example system, we describe here the basic model, the 5-stage AS5000 with tank from AQUASAFE).

In the first pre-filter housing, the tap water is pre-filtered with the help of a sediment filter. Coarse and visible substances such as sand and rust are already caught in the mesh here.

Due to the in-house 3 bar water pressure, the water leaves the housing and flows over to the second pre-filter housing, the activated carbon filter. Chlorine, lead and heavy metals are removed from the water here.

In the next housing 3, another finer sediment filter filters out remaining micro and carbon particles. The fourth filter stage is the heart of the water filter system. The membrane installed here ensures ultra-fine filtration up to 98.2 %, depending on the conditions and degree of contamination of the water.

Our value is an actual measured initial value. Many water filter suppliers advertise 99.9999 % percent filtration, which should be questioned at this point.

The crystal-clear water now leaves the membrane and is temporarily stored in a water storage tank until it is used. In households with a high water consumption, circulation is constantly present in the water tank so that the water does not remain in the water tank for too long.

For those who are rather looking for a solution without a tank, we recommend a direct flow system - More information about this and the Differences between the systems can be found further under.

Before the water from the tank can be used, it passes through a final activated carbon post-filter (fresh filter), which filters the water once again and enhances its taste.

The tap water is now free of all unwanted substances. Of course, it is no secret that nutrients have also been removed from the water through filtration. However, we can add these back with the help of additional filters (water revitalisation).

But here too, our advice. The body needs pure water, but it gets its nutrients and vitamins primarily from food. A water revitalisation filter can therefore do some of the work, but you should also eat a fresh, balanced and healthy diet.

With a sixth or seventh filter stage, you can expand and upgrade your water filter system and thus optimise the taste of the water. However, as tastes differ, we have put together a selection of effective additional filters for our customers. Depending on your needs and area of application.

Our additional filters from AQUASAFE:

  • Freshness filter (With activated carbon)
  • Can also be used as a side by side refrigerator filter.
  • Vital Filter (With May Stones)
  • Japanese healing art meets inner balance
  • Active filter (4in1)
  • Four active stones optimise the pH value of the water
  • Power filter (magnesium)
  • Invigorates the musculature - An enrichment for the body

More information about the individual water revitalisation filters

Determine the tap water quality yourself in future and filter your water with a reverse osmosis system from AQUASAFE - cost-effective and efficient.

Take a look at our direct flow systems and water filter systems with tank and let yourself be inspired.

What is the difference between a filter system with a tank and a direct flow system?

At AQUASAFE we have two different types of reverse osmosis systems. One type of system is a Water filter unit with water tank. The AS5000 is such a model.

It works entirely without electricity as it is powered by the house's own water pressure and stores the filtered water in its 8 or 12 litre storage tank.

This means that larger quantities of filtered water are available more quickly. With the help of an additional ECO pump, the AS5000 can be used even more effectively and efficiently.

You can find more information on the product page of the AS5000 water filter system.

Then there is the model type: Direct flow system. The AS5000FF and the AS-X "Made in Germany" are such filter systems. They are also called Free-flow or direct-flow systems.

They are powered by electricity and therefore require a socket in the vicinity so that the pump can produce the tap water directly and fresh, i.e. in real time.

The direct flow systems are enormously space-saving, as they do not require an extra water tank and also have a very good 1:1 waste water ratio.

In summary: The AS5000 is inexpensive, has a separate water tank and operates completely without electricity.
The AS5000FF and the AS-X are direct-flow units and are powered by electricity, but do not require an additional tank and have a very good effluent ratio.
Important features

Which water filter system suits me - water filter configuration:

Filtering water: Which filter system is the right one?

So far you are sure that you want to enrich your life with a water filter system from AQUASAFE? Good decision! The question you have to ask yourself: Which system is the right one for me? We will of course help you with the decision.

Of course, you always have the possibility to get individual and non-binding advice from our colleagues. You will be suggested the right model for your needs for 100 %.

Here we do not decide according to the highest possible turnover for us, but according to the best possible customer satisfaction for you.

Or you can answer the following three questions for yourself and get a feeling for which reverse osmosis system is ideal for you.

How much water do you drink a day and what else do you use it for?

Depending on the size of the household or the number of staff in the office, sometimes more and sometimes less fresh water is needed.

But let's also consider that the filtered water is used, for example, to fill the kettle, to use the coffee machine or to cook pasta, which quickly adds up to several litres a day.

The filtration performance of AQUASAFE's water filtration systems is outstanding in all models - All filter out up to 98.2 % of all pollutants from the water.

However, the different filter systems produce different amounts of filtered water per day. This has to do with the membrane and the pumps.

Here is a brief calculation example:

Umkehrosmose Wasserfilter Kosten Vergleich
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Cost Comparison

How many litres of water the system filters per day is indicated, among other things, by the "GPD number". GPD = Gallons per day. One gallon is the equivalent of about 3.8 litres of water.

Gallon per DayLitres per day
50 GPDapprox.: 190 litres
180 GPDapprox.: 684 litres
250 GPDapprox. 950 litres

AQUASAFE offers certified high-performance membranes from 50 GPD to 250 GPD. In this case, much does not always mean better, but should be considered according to cost/benefit.

If you need a lot of water a day, you are more likely to choose a direct-flow system, as these are equipped with higher GPD membranes.

The Made in Germany - water filter system AS-X, for example, has 2 x 180 GPD.

The AS5000FF has 2 x 250GPD membranes installed and could thus supply up to 1900 litres of purest water per day. However, these units are not designed for intensive continuous operation.

In this case, industrial plants should be considered. But even with fewer litres of water, you can make a lot of coffee.

The AS5000FF is popular with many single households and small families because it is particularly space-saving and offers a lot of power at a low price.

If you like it cheaper and have space in the base cabinet, you can go for the AS5000 with water tank and ECO pump.

How much space does a water filter system need?

The question for you is rather, how much space do you have in the base cabinet?

Normally, all kitchens have enough space for a filter system. But rubbish bins, cleaning utensils and other everyday items often take up and reduce space unnecessarily.

 Important: The access to the cold water connection should be free. These are the two knobs under the sink that usually come out of the wall.

If, for example, I want a direct-flow system that runs on electricity, there should be a free socket nearby. We strongly advise againstto make do with a lot of multiple sockets.

Our AQUASAFE water filter systems with the dimensions:

AS5000 with tank: Depending on the model variant (choice of extra filters), the height changes. L: x H: x W: + Extra tank 35 cm high and 22 cm in diameter

AS5000FF Directflow: Depending on the model variant, the height also changes here. Here the dimension is: L: x H: x W: 

AS-X (made in germany): Here, all components are located in the enclosure. Depending on requirements, this can be made individually upright, upright or lying down. The dimensions are: L: 46 cm x H: 37 cm x W: 11 cm

As an example: with its 11 cm depth (height), the AS-X is so shallow that it can even be hidden behind the skirting board under the kitchen unit and thus does not take up any space in the base cabinet.

What does a water filter system cost?

Here is our question for you: How much money do you want to spend? If the filter performance, the filter quantity and the space available are already right for you with one of our AQUASAFE filter systems, then it may be worth spending a little more money in order to be satisfied with your choice of reverse osmosis system in the long term.

Cost overview of the water filter systems from AQUASAFE

AS5000 with tank: 239,90 € - 329,90 €

AS5000FF Direct flow: 399,90 € - 449,90 €

AS-X direct flow: 1.249,90 € – 1.309,90 €

If MADE IN GERMANY is important to you, then we recommend the AS-X. This system is not built until you have configured it individually. Here you can choose the colour, the construction and your additional filters. Your system is then handmade in the north of Germany and then shipped to you.

In addition, this product comes with extensive maintenance packages, a 15-year warranty and a personal contact person. In other words, everything you need to be completely satisfied and sustainable.

Well, have you been able to decide on a water filter system from AQUASAFE?

Not yet? Did you already know:

Our team is there for every customer when it comes to general or technical questions. We always provide comprehensive and passionate advice.

If required, our mobile service can also carry out the installation or a filter change at your location. Please feel free to contact us by phone.

We now offer even more support on YouTube. Here you will find a variety of helpful water filter videos in which we show you how to change the pre-filter or the membrane, for example.

How to disinfect the water filters and much more. Let yourself be inspired and become part of the AQUASAFE family. Discover our AQUASAFE YouTube channel here

At AQUASAFE, the follow-up costs for a water filter system are no secret. There are no hidden costs here. If you would like to know more, please contact us. Otherwise, the costs can be quickly added up.

One-off purchase price for the filter system + filter costs (pre-filter + additional filter every 6 months) + costs for the membrane (every 24 months) + disinfection (recommended every 6 months, but optional).

Wasserfilter Kosten Vergleich - Osmoseanlage AS5000
Water Filter Costs Comparison - Osmosis System AS5000

Now we can't think of anything else that could make your decision to buy a water filter system even easier. Wait, yes there is:

What are the benefits of filtered water and what impact does it have on my quality of life?

We receive various customer testimonials and reports every day. But we have also gained a multitude of impressions and advantages from the last 20 years of AQUASAFE, which we would like to share with you.

You can find a detailed report on the advantages of a water filter/reverse osmosis system here:

  1. Whether for preparing baby food or vitamin shakes for athletes, for cooking, or for plants and animals. Filtered water is the ideal element for effective absorption of important nutrients.

    It provides a pollutant-free basis for a functioning cycle. From small to large, young to old and human, animal or vegetable. It is worth trying it out.
  2. AQUASAFE filtered water also works wonders in the household, because high-quality kitchen appliances such as fully automatic coffee machines and kettles are protected from limescale. Windows become much cleaner and free of streaks.
  3. Naturally fresh, vegan or organic cooking is a delight with filtered water. For those who attach great importance to organic food that is free of chemicals and pesticides should make no distinction in their choice of cooking water.
  4. For all those who like to drink their tea in the afternoon with a good book, they could look forward to streaks and limescale-free tea in future thanks to filtered water. Without deposits, limescale particles and with a more intense taste experience.
  5. If you like it cold and prefer to enjoy your drink with ice, you simply must try filtered water. With the Side by Side fridge filter, germ-free and crystal-clear ice cubes can be conjured up. Germ trap - no chance!
  6. We also hear more and more about the positive effect of filtered water on the skin. Skin irritations and impurities can be reduced by drinking clean water on a regular/daily basis.

    The skin becomes softer, but also firmer. This has to do with the fact that the cells can better absorb and store the filtered water.

We provide the perfect water treatment so that you can use it for your daily needs. With our qualified team, we are happy to assist you whenever you have a question.

At AQUASAFE, there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf water filter. Each filter system is specially developed and optimised for users so that the handling and benefits provide satisfaction.

In our eyes, premium water filters certainly are, but the decision is entirely yours. Choose your water filter system from AQUASAFE now.

By the way, we also offer fast delivery times, secure payment and good service. Order today - arrive tomorrow. 

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