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Filter water easily, quickly, in a space-saving and inexpensive way. With the purchase of a direct flow system from AQUASAFE you get a high-quality water filter that is adapted and further developed to your needs - Made in Germany. The advantage of a direct flow system is that you can save the water storage tank in the base cabinet and get to the desired amount of water even faster.

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Filter tap water even more effectively, with higher quality and in a space-saving manner

Our team works daily on new innovative improvements for you. For this reason, we are not presenting mass-produced goods for sale here, but specially made water filter systems at absolutely unbeatable prices. Clean water doesn't have to cost a fortune! But if you value high-quality materials and sustainable quality, then you shouldn't save money at the wrong end. Products that are too cheap, such as those on the market, can contain pollutants such as lead and plasticizers, which in turn can settle in the filtered water. We therefore recommend extensive advice before buying a water filter system.

The AS-X is our direct flow system - Made in Germany

From Germans Institute for Quality & Certification , tested and awarded.

Behind the robust and light aluminum housing in slim design, there are high-quality water filters and materials that stand for the best water quality. Discover the AS-X and its advantages over other systems of this type.

Discover our world of water filters

Let yourself be inspired and convince yourself of our AQUASAFE QUALITY.

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