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The AS5000 water filter systems enable you to enjoy the purest drinking water at home, without any harmful environmental pollution. For years, we have been working on improving the quality of water to protect our most valuable resource in the world - our water - and to ensure sustainable water enjoyment.

With the enormous advantages of the most modern filtration technology for water filter systems you act efficiently, economically and environmentally conscious. Here we present various options for expanding and generating your AS5000 for your individual needs. If, despite everything, you still have unanswered questions about the products and their differences, please let us know. We will work with you to find the right filter system.

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Configure your water filter system

From the basic model to the premium version. Here we show you how you can reduce your AS5000 with tank according to your currencies and imitate it. For example with an additional filter or a permeate pump.

vitalization filter for reverse osmosis systems - stage 6

Vitalization filter

Before the filtered water comes out of the storage tank and leaves the tap, it flows through this additional filter. This contains high-energy ceramic balls that are fired at 1800 degrees and consist of 20 different minerals. These cause the water to swirl again and release traces of iron ions into the water.

Bioenergetics vibrations are thus emitted to the water at a wavelength of 10 microns. The flow through a permanent magnet supports the energy level of the osmotically purified water. The sum of these processes has a positive influence on the water density, ionization, conductivity, surface tension and the pH value of osmotically treated water.

energizing filter for reverse osmosis systems - stage 7

Your water can be better, and we'll tell you how!

When we bring water from nature to the surface of the earth in an artificial way, we take it from its natural environment in an often immature state. Water also has to mature and go through various phases to achieve optimal water quality.

It moves in a spiral and is only activated when it is swirled, e.g. through rocks, enriched with oxygen and minerals and energetically charged until it eventually makes its way to the surface of the earth. The artificially created transport route over long pipe systems and under high pressure changes the water and its natural structure and loses important nutrients.

Our energizing filter causes your filtered tap water to swirl again and to add trace elements of important nutrients. A natural water structure, for example, is more easily absorbed by the body's cells, which in turn ensure that the body runs smoothly.

After your filter system has filtered out all pollutants, germs and bacteria, the energizing filter gives you back some natural and important constituents of the water that can be lost in the filter process. The 4in1 filter creates a natural process in an artificial way, as can be found in nature. Enrich yourself and your tap water - you will taste the difference.

permeate-pump for more pressure

The permeate-pump

  • The performance update for your reverse osmosis water filter system
  • Faster production against existing tank pressure.
  • No loss of efficiency over the entire filling process.
  • Better water quality from the system.
  • Saves up to 85% of the water that other systems send down the drain 85% less wear and tear on prefilters and booster pumps.
  • Allows full line pressure in the tank.

How does the AQUASAFE permeate pump work? The AQUASAFE permeate pump uses the energy of the wastewater from the RO system to convey the cleaned permeate into the pressure tank. It does not require any electrical energy. The permeate pump is driven by the hydraulic energy that normally goes unused down the drain. This decouples the tank from the RO membrane, which can then work like a pressureless tank.

booster pump by AQUASAFE

The booster-pump

If the water pressure in your kitchen falls below 3 bar, a reverse osmosis system can no longer work effectively. The water quality also deteriorates rapidly if the pressure is too low. The low-voltage booster pump increases the inlet pressure by approx. 6 bar (with 30 liters per day systems) to approx. 3 bar (with 160 liters per day systems).

This greatly improves the quantity and quality of the water produced. The RO membrane is additionally protected by the increased pressure, as clogging is prevented. NOTE: You only need the pressure booster pump if the water pressure in the water pipe is too low!

reference AS5000 - a statement for quality

Enjoy the quality - with AQUASAFE

Our AQUASAFE - AS5000 water filter systems are based on the modern reverse osmosis process, which is also used effectively for seawater desalination and by industry. You, too, can help improve the environment and stop buying plastic water bottles and reduce the constant growth of plastic waste. With an AS5000 water filter system, you are on the safe side! Find your suitable variant now.

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