Water Filter

Water filter systems and reverse osmosis systems in premium quality

How a water filter system - can optimize your water!

We are of the opinion - water should be free from environmental pollution and pollution, and for this reason we have designed our highly efficient water filter systems that are based on quality and efficient filtration. With our water filter systems and reverse osmosis systems you can easily optimize your drinking water by cleaning your tap water through a multi-stage reverse osmosis filter system and then optimizing the taste.

Thanks to the finest membranes, pollutants, metals, bacteria, viruses and micro-plastic are drawn out of the pipe - so you can access clean, sterile and fresh water every day without polluting the environment even more with CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

Simple solution - AQUASAFE optimal water quality

The patented water filter systems & reverse osmosis systems can be integrated into every household and ensure a calming and good feeling when it comes to the cleanliness of your water. Our water filter systems guarantee you optimal water quality for your well-being! Let our specialist staff advise you now and benefit today from optimized water thanks to our premium water filter systems .

Configure the water filter system

Which water filter is the right one for you, we will tell you!

We can recommend a system to your individual needs and of course you retain absolute freedom of choice. We do not sell you products at overpriced prices, because we only want to advise you on the purchase decision - so that you can find the product you are looking for.

In advance, we provide you with a few important information and facts about our water filter systems so that you can deal with the topic extensively and understand the differences.


At AQUASAFE there are two different product variations between which you can choose. All of our water filter systems are equipped with an AQUASTOP (water stop) as standard to prevent water damage.

You can also find high-quality instructions for use with pictures in each of our products to make installation as easy as possible for you. In addition, every system can be equipped and expanded with additional filters for water revitalization , which give you a taste preparation of the water.

water filter system - with tank & without power connection

The AS5000 water filter has a separate tank that can provide you with up to 2 liters of filtered water per minute. This system works without a power connection. This means you have no electricity costs, but the system has a higher wastewater ratio than a direct flow system.

Due to the tank, the system requires more space in the base cabinet, but this does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage. With an AS5000 you get a water filter system that is unbeatably cheap and at the same time very high quality. We at AQUASAFE recommend you AS5000 an additional permeate pump so that you can optimize the wastewater ratio.

direct flow system without tank & with power connection

The AS5000FF and the FL300 are direct flow systems that are particularly space-saving because they do not require an additional tank and can therefore be discreetly installed in any base cabinet. However, an electricity connection is required in order to be able to filter fresh water directly and within a very short time.

An integrated protective conductor ensures safety when dealing with electricity. Thanks to powerful pumps and the finest membranes, a very good wastewater ratio of approx. 1: 1 can be generated and water costs can be saved.


A high GPD number of a membrane does not automatically mean better water quality. With a higher water flow, pollutants are not necessarily filtered more effectively. For this reason, we use smaller GPD membranes in combination with more powerful pumps in order to be able to guarantee high filter performance and ideal water quality. You can check this quality with the help of a TDS tester measure. The higher the PPM value, the more polluted your water is. Optimally filtered water has a value of 1-50ppm.

We are at your disposal if you have any questions about the AQUASAFE water filter systems.