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Water filters and exclusive osmosis systems from AQUASAFE

Your water quality is what drives us

AQUASAFE has stood for high-quality osmosis systems and water filters, effective water treatment, and the best service for more than 20 years. Here we present our extensive range of water filter systems for all requirements in private and public spaces and would be happy to advise you on your individual needs. We would like to introduce you to our three water filters:

The AS5000, which you can also purchase with multi-stage filter units, is the best choice if you want to enjoy high performance, the best water enjoyment, and a large supply of clean tap water in everyday life.

The AS-X direct flow system in a noble, ultra-slim and practical housing, which is manufactured in our plant in the north of Germany, provides you with water quality that is second to none. With the purchase of an AS-X you get pure drinking water that is free of pollutants such as bacteria, drug residues, germs, dirt, and microplastics.

Trust AQUASAFE's many years of experience. We attach great importance to the latest technologies and have made it our goal - to perfect your water quality. In our online shop, you will find everything to do with reverse osmosis water filter systems. If you are missing a specific component or if it is damaged, you can find it in the spare part category.

We also have all the accessories for you in our range. If you cannot find certain products, components, or spare parts, give us a call - we will be happy to advise you. In order to be able to guarantee the functionality of our systems in the long term, we recommend a regular filter exchange. All replacement filters and filter cartridges for AS5000 can be found here.

We are constantly developing new filter options for you to make drinking enjoyment even more valuable. Discover our vitalization and energization filters in the water revitalization category. Since our variety of products is constantly expanding because we use new technologies to be even more effective, we are making our previous models available to you at low prices under special offers.

Do you love water? We live water!
For most people it's just water - for us it's the most important element in life. Without water, we would not be viable because it is our daily companion throughout the day.

However, the drinking water quality in Germany suffers from the continuous accumulation of pollutants such as nitrate and other pollutants that get into the groundwater and cannot all be filtered out. In addition, we are increasingly absorbing microplastics into our bodies via the water, as a new study by the WWF shows. There are numerous pollutants in the groundwater that you pour into your glass and drink every day.

If you want to have more control over your water quality, we recommend you to buy AQUASAFE water filters. Determine the quality of your water yourself!

From the water connection to the tap, our multi-stage filter systems filter all conceivable pollutants, germs, bacteria, and microplastics from your water - more quality is impossible. You will feel and taste the difference.

Discover our diversity. Whatever questions you have, talk to us. We are available to you by phone and email at any time.
Enjoy delicious and clean water!

Your water filter team from AQUASAFE

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AS-X Direct-Flow Water Filter Made in Germany in black

A trademark for quality

Aquasafe sets a milestone

Many companies on the market, despite stricter guidelines, adorn themselves with pseudo sigils, which are supposed to pretend “Made in Germany”, but which have not survived on closer examination. Therefore, always be attentive and question products that work with the wrong label or name.

The valuable award of our FL 300 with the title: MADE IN GERMANY, which has been tested and certified by experts from the German Institute for Quality & Certification, represents our attitude towards high quality, regional production and responsible action. We at AQUASAFE are responsible for service and quality so that our customers are completely satisfied.


The term "Made in Germany", which translates as much as "Manufacture in Germany", is a feature and seal of approval that has been recognized for many years, which stands for high quality, precision and innovation and therefore a high reputation in many countries around the world enjoy.

Germany is known for responsible action, consistent optimization and quality goods that meet the highest demands. Therefore, products from Germany are not only in high demand, but also always a good choice.


Let's make the best of it!

In small steps, we start a new everyday life - with mouth protection, disinfection and a safe distance. As long as there is no effective vaccine against the virus, precautions will continue to apply to all of us.

The crisis leaves its mark in all areas of life. Even if the danger will be averted at some point, the corona pandemic has shown us how fast, far-reaching and dangerous a virus can spread and what effects this can have on our quality of life. The uncertainty about further restrictions and a possible quarantine remains, so the situation remains tense. With a water filter from AQUASAFE you secure access to the best water quality, even in difficult times.

Buy water filters and benefit.

Anyone who is not currently suffering from the corona crisis is trying to benefit from it. And wherever the need for necessary products, such as protective masks, is high, overpriced prices for the product are often demanded.

In the area of ​​water filters, too, we can see that there are more and more product offers from bogus companies that are overpriced and whose systems are said to be able to filter out the corona virus.

AQUASAFE water filter systems can filter pollutants, germs and micro-plastic from tap water, but no provider can and should not give you the ultimate protection against pathogens such as the corona virus. So far there is no scientific knowledge. So be critical and get advice.


Two persons with mask

Plastic in our body

Protect yourself and the next generations

Plastic in our body Protect yourself and the next generations Do you actually know that you take up tiny tiny plastic particles, so-called micro-plastics, through the air, your clothes, your food, and your drinking water every day?

This is the result of a worldwide study called "No Plastics in Nature: Assessing Plastic Ingestion from Nature to People," at the University of Newcastle Australia, commissioned by the WWF.

It's about a week on average as much plastic as a credit card weighs (about 5g). This is not only disturbing, but also potentially harmful to your health. We subconsciously record up to 2000 small plastic parts every week.


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